Thank you for your interests in Shan Shui Chinese Restaurant.
    Please help to answer the following questions.




    1) Do you have any restaurant working experience in last 3 years?

    2) Are you available to work between 5pm and 10pm Friday and Saturday evenings? Are you available to work occasionally in weekday evenings?

    3) What kind of driving license you have? Do you have your own vehicle with insurance?

    4) How far is your home to the Restaurant in town centre, Leighton Buzzard? Would you do some shifts upon short notice of 1 hour besides the regular weekly planned shifts?

    5) Are you willing to work self-employed? We estimate the income is from £24 to £50 for 3 hours of working, depending on your workload and the customer demands.

    6) Can you provide the name, position, phone number of two professional referees?

    7) Are you available for a Whatsapp video interview at 2pm in coming days?

    8) Thank you for your efforts. Do you have any questions for us?